One model for every bleiswoman

The essence of Bleis Madrid is to find the perfect pattern and to offer infinite possibilities for each woman. These options are transformed into our models, each of which maintain the same pattern throughout the time for all our collections. 

Model number 01

This set includes a blazer with a central fastening and V neck, plus high-waist palazzo cut trousers. 

Model number 02

This set is composed by a four-buttoned crossed blazer and smoking neck, plus mid-waist skinny trousers.  

Model number 03

This model is made by a six-buttoned crossed blazer with grooved neck, plus mid-waist flare trousers. 

Model number 04

This model depicts our onepiece outfit at Bleis Madrid. A crossed blazer dress with smoking neck. 

Model number 05

Composed by a four-buttoned crossed blazer with groove neck, plus high-waist skinny trousers. 

Model number 06

This model includes a tailored coat, notched neck, double breasted two buttoned.